Friday, 7 May 2010

I'm hexed!

While surfing the sewing interweb, I found this and thought it was such a cool picture. Then I found the blog of Texas Freckles, and read about her hexagon piece-along. And thought I might have a little go... the thought of hand sewing I could do almost anywhere was awesome - a little bit at a time whenever I have a spare few moments. And a weird and funky quilt to show for it at the end! So I printed out some sheets of 1" hexagons to cut up and found some scraps of fabric I had leftover.... wow - it is so addictive! But awesome fun. The patch of sewn toghether hexes I did just to see whether I would in fact be able to sew them together neatly, but it all turned out ok for that little sample. It takes something crazy like one thousand 1" hexagons to make a sensibly sized quilt. Maybe I will get bored before then... but it is so nice to have something creative to do while sitting on the sofa watching Hollyoaks (busted). I think I am going to piece the hexagons together in bands 3 or four wide diagonally - one strip coloured and then one made up of only off-white coloured hexagons. There are lots of ideas out there. The only thing that stands between me and a fab hand sewn quilt is about... oh, 900 hexagons??