Friday, 8 May 2009

A little bit of glamour

The next thing I wanted to make was a dress - something that I could wear for lunches out, something a bit summery... I had bought a gorgeous vintage dress pattern in a 1950s style (Vogue 2960) and also found some yummy oyster silk which I ultimately want to make it up in. Thinking Jackie O with big shades, some natural pumps and a small handbag... I made it up in cheap cream cotton (and some bits of pink chambray for the skirt, which takes LOADS of fabric).. this pattern - though graded 'easy' by Vogue - was a lot more tricky for me. It had interfacing, darts and bound buttonholes! The interfacing I used for the bodice turned out to be much too stiff (lesson for next time, I have since purchased a lightweight version) and also the buttonholes were really tricky to do neatly. Even sewing the buttons on was a trauma... It turned out ok for a practice, though the cream cotton is quiet translucent so not sure to the extent I'll be able to wear this version. I hemmed it to just on the knee as anything longer than that is really unflattering on me.

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