Friday, 16 October 2009


I really don't know how it happened. Well, ok, I do. One minute I was fine, the next I was adding things to my basket like it was going out of fashion. I just had a giant splurge on Gorgeous Fabrics. Really giant. But look what I got!!

My plan was to buy some lovely fabric for my jacket and also get some stuff to inspire some new projects for work clothes. And I found some gorgeous (ha, who'd have thought it, given the site name and all that) fabric.

So I got a lovely cream silk jacquard polka dot (100%) and a lovely pale blue stretch silk charmeuse (silk/lycra mix), both of which I plan to use to make some tops for work. Maybe some nice blouses with three-quarter length sleeves, or a nice loose tank-style top.

With some autumn/winter skirts and dresses for work in mind, I also got some peachy wool flannel (100% wool) which I thought might make a nice skirt and jacket (once I have had a bash with something less nice for the jacket I'm making in class!), some posh Loro Piana dove-grey gabardine (100% wool) which would make a lush dress, and finally some blue/grey tan suiting which I think I will make into a nice skirt.
Then to line things I got some lovely grey silk habotai and a funky paisley (which is acetate...) which I think would look pretty cool as a jacket lining. Having some lovely linings might also encourage me to take more time with linings right up until the last stages of construction...

Finally, for the party season, I got some amazing black jacquard silk. Think that could be made up into a really foxy dress. Pretty intruiged to see what that will be like when it arrives, I really like the pattern.

So what do you think? How bad am I for splurging like this... I was doing so well! Any pattern suggestions gratefully received!


  1. Fabrics are so inspiring and make me wish I had more money to hoard them! It's okay to splurge as long as you use them all up. Sometimes new fabrics are just the motivation you need to finish up the project and get on the next one.

    As for pattern suggestion... what about the Parisian blouse from August Burda for the blue charmeuse?

  2. I am so eager to order from gorgeous fabrics but I have been nervous about the postage and charges . I love the black jacquard silk too ! I have had my eye on it lol !


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