Sunday, 6 June 2010


I have been sewing - but not much posting! I made a start on Burda 113 from the 8/2009 edition in some lovely silk. I have so far almost finished the top half - I used some of the gorgeous cerise silk I got on Goldhawk Road a few weeks ago. Frustratingly though, I must have added on too much seam allowance at the bottom of the back, because after sewing the side seams I realised that there is too much fabric i the back armhole - you might just be able to see from the pic how there is too much floatiness going on in the back of the sleeves? Also, again, REALLY frustratingly, I must have done something wrong on the ruched front self facing because it wasn't long enough to actually make a self facing for the inside front, so the seam is on the neckline. For some stupid reason, I sewed this with a zig zag stitch, which you can see peeking through the fabric.

So annoyed. Basically something must have went awry when I was copying the pattern.

Not sure the best way to fix this stuff - for the front perhaps I unpick the zig zag seam, and maybe sew another bit of the cerise silk long enough to fold to the inside and make the self facing? Notice how from the front the bottom edge is curved - I think it is supposed to be straight so maybe I have more fabric I can pull up and wrap over to form the self facing...? Another issue I think is that the silk is heavy so it pulls the inside lining up where the self facing is supposed to be (does that make sense?) - maybe once the lining is sewed at the waist it will be a bit better.
For the sleeve, think I am going to have to unpick the side seams and sew them again. Annoying. Any other ideas?? Have to say, totally NOT loving the brevity of the Burda instructions... next project is going to be from a PROPER PATTERN with, like, PAGES of instructions....

BTW, apart from these miscellaneous disasters, this silk is a JOY to sew with. So heavy and feels so lovely!
Now to find my seam ripper.....


  1. oooohh, the fabric is really pretty! I love the colour. I hope that your top works out.

  2. I can't think of any way to quickly fix these other than basically unpick and re-sew... Once you have it fixed, I think you'll end up more satisfied as not only you complete a garment, you solved some problems along the way too!
    Remember that nobody has to see the inside.

  3. Although I can't offer any pearls of wisdom (from what I gather I am a newbie like you)I must say, I feel rather relieved with a sense of camaraderie that you also experience inexplicable problems with your sewing. My last post (discovering sewing) catalogues my latest. However I notice that like a phoenix you appear to have risen from the ashes with you latest dress. Beautiful - well done


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