Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Chanel, you say?

As my bonus this year did not stretch to a Chanel suit (dammit), I have been dreaming about attempting to make a Chanel-style jacket. Given that I am yet to sew anything with sleeves, this might be a little ambitious. Discouraged? Not I. Not yet, anyway.

I stumbled upon this Chanel jacket sew-along blog today which looks to have some cool resources. Perhaps this could be my project for sew school... or perhaps GIVEN I HAVE NEVER SEWN ANYTHING WITH SLEEVES that would be just a little too ambitious..?


  1. hm, you may want to make a few practice garments first! on the other hand, if you do it the couture way by hand the sleeve setting might actually be easier. Sleeves aren't hard, but I haven't made a jacket or anything lined.

  2. I'd say go for it. My sewing motto is: As long as you can read the instructions and have your seam reaper handy, you can sew anything.


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