Wednesday, 9 September 2009

New look!

So... I was getting fed up with the rubbishness of my blog template, and found an awesome site called Hot Bliggety Blog, which claims to be "the best free blogger backgrounds site on the entire interwebular planet. No exaggeration", and I think they might be right. Thanks to them for the lush background. The new header I managed (after much faffing) to make myself which watching back-to-back Hollyoaks this evening, using Gimp which is an awesome free image editing program. Rock on free stuff! On my wander through the interweb tonight I also stumbled across a site called DryIcons which has some great free graphics. Though I haven't had a chance to use any yet, some of them are well lush.

So - whaddya think of the new look??

I am REALLY REALLY hoping to (i) finish hemming the black work dress which has been hanging in the study trailing thread since the beginning of August now, and (ii) start on the
skirt I posted about here. My Saturday course at the London College of Fashion starts in a few weeks and at this rate, on my first day it's going to have been months since I last sewed! I am already worried the course I have signed up for is going to be too advanced for me... well, watch this space.

The picture for today's post was taken when I walked to the tube station yesterday - first
autumn leaves on the ground. I absolutely love the autumn; crisp sunny days, memories of Micahelmas term and being all wrapped up outdoors. My favourite season.

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  1. Hey nice new layout! looks great, i might have to check that site out as well. But considering my new one took me FOREVER!


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