Monday, 7 September 2009

General malaise, wedding dresses and sewing stuff

So a particularly long (given we is in a recession, innit) and arduous day at work today, such that I am writing this while on my way home on the tube (note environmental friendliness AND recession-busting nature of my choice to take public transport home instead of spenny cab on The Firm!*) and listening to Dido.

So now I am engaged, and getting married in what is rapidly becoming the really much-nearer-than-I-thought future, I have turned my attention to The Most Fun Part. Yes, that's right. The Dress.

Obviously, as is natural and right, I have over the past few years spent the odd ten minutes browsing bridal web sites. Nothing parochial of course, Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang all the way. But Looking With Intent is oh so different. However, I am worried my search may be fraught with the terror of not finding The Dress for reasons I will now explain.

I have made some appointments with the obvious choices for a fashion forward bride (Pronovias at Harrods, Vera Wang at Selfridges, Sassi Holford and Browns Bride) for early October. I had found an absolutely stunning Oscar de la Renta dress - pic left - and called
Browns Bride to see if they have that dress to try on when I come (it is from the Spring 2008 collection). They don't have it in, the lady says. Gutted.They can ship it in however. Hooray! It will cost £150 to ship it over. Meh - not too bad I guess, given how truly stunning the dress is. The dress, the lady almost casually adds, is £12,000. F#%*. Wasn't expecting that. I am exceptionally lucky to have a substantial budget for The Dress, but £12,000 is sadly well above it.

Not to worry I think, there must be others. Cue Caelum from the Elie by Elie Saab range on the Pronovias site. Pic to the right. Lush. So again, I call the lady at Harrods to ask if I can try it when I comefor my appointment. Aah, she says. The spring 2010 Saab dresses don't come in to us until November. GAGH. That would be leaving it pretty late for a March wedding. Out of curiosity, how much is it, I say.

£7,200, she says.


Still, suppose that is at least substantially closer to my budget than the ODR delight. But still over...

Must. Reign. Self. In.

Really hope I find something I love and which is within budget... these two are so gorgeous!

*Choice may also be entirely to do with fact it's quicker at this time to get the tube...

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  1. Hi! I just came across your blog when I did a search for the Elias Caelum dress. I am absolutely in love with it as well, and am experiencing the same wedding-dress-hunting malais! Just wondering if you had any success finding something similar to your two ideal dresses, but in a much more realistic budget range?


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