Sunday, 29 November 2009


Finally finished the jacket - other than the buttonhole which I think I will get done professionally. The last thing was to sew the bottom edge of the lining which I managed to do tonight (finally fully understand the phrase 'bag the lining'). Here is a pic of the jacket on Maud - I will take some pictures of me wearing it when I eventually do - I think it would look nice with slim blue jeans, a white shirt, black heels and some pearls.

I am pretty happy with the way it turned
out - though the fabric is not great and the shoulders have already stretched (I taped them) a bit which is annoying. The pattern only called for interfacing at the front lapels and facings, and the collar. Given the weave of the fabric is so loose, I probably should have interfaced the whole thing. Though the lining definitely helps to hold the shape together. Also I'm not certain I have sewn the bottom edge of the lining properly... the lapel facing is sewn to the lining vertically all the way to the bottom but where it is sewn to the hem edge horizontally it is about half and inch from the bottom so there is a graduated curve where the two meet together... not sure that's right... hmmm. I think I should have read one of my 'how do do lining' books before I did the last bit. Also I didn't tack the seam allowances of the lining and shell together at the waist as the tutor suggested (forgot)....I will know for next time though.

Overall, given it is only the fifth thing I have ever made, I think it's ok and I've learned some things for the next project, namely:

  • interface floppy / loose fabrics
  • pay more attention to finishing the lining
  • pink the edges of lining fabric


  1. Nicely done -- sounds like a great outfit you've planned for it!

  2. Wow... are you sure you're a "beginner"? This is impressive and inspiring!

  3. What a beautiful jacket! I really like all the design elements. Have you worn it yet?

    BTW - you have a lovely sewing space. Great idea to push the 2 bookshelves together for a cutting area.


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