Thursday, 12 November 2009


I finished the toile of Vogue 8511 (obviously too big as I thought - should have cut a size 10)... and you know what? I'm not sure I want to make it up yet.

I am not loving the pouffiness of the skirt. The pattern envelope suggests lightweight jersey, lightweight crepe, lightweight tweed and linen - none of which I have. I think it would be too bulky in a wool. I have a silky satin with spots on, but think it might be a bit too much 'all over'. I could use some of that lovely jacquard silk... but not sure I love the pattern enough! And then it would have to be a 'going out' dress which would mean hacking a good six inches off the length. Hmmm. Sort of disappointed I don't love it. Maybe I'd be more keen if I could get excited about which fabric to make it up in. I had been thinking about making the bodice and skirt in contrasting colours - perhaps the top half in the cream polka dot silk I got from Gorgeous Fabrics, but not sure what to do for the skirt. Maybe I could do the skirt in the black jacquard?...



  1. I'm leaning toward 'all over' generally because it makes for a less casual look. In this case, it would show off the silhouette and the pleating details.

    But since you're not loving the skirt, a solid black would draw less attention to it.

    I think it's a cute dress, I might make one myself in the future!

  2. If you're not loving it, you don't have to sew it! There are lots of other patterns that might have a look more suited to your taste. You could also try switching out the skirt of this dress with one from another pattern. Good thing you haven't cut into your good fabric yet!

  3. That's what is so great about making a toile -it's much better to find out before you've cut some very expensive fabric that the pattern is not going to work for you. Sometimes a few alterations can turn it into something wonderful, sometimes it's better just to move on.

  4. I'm trying to finish this up tonight (I'm doing a full lining, so it's taking a while). It is not a very casual, going out dress. Definitely more of a work dress.

    I did see a pic of one made in a very light-weight fabric, for a summer dress, and it was lovely.

    I'll try to complete this and post about it so that you can get an idea of the finished product. I'm making it in a heavier fabric than recommended, and don't seem to have a problem. I think a lighter-weight wool would be fine.

  5. Well, contrasting colours wouldn't be my first choice, but on the other hand you see lots of dresses with contrasting colours on bodice and skirt and I start getting used to it more and more. One day I even might like it ;-) Too bad you don't like the pattern. Ísn't there something you can change about it?

    I look forward to see what you decide. And the good thing is: There are lots and lots and lots of gorgeous dresses still waiting to be made and worn by you! :-)


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