Saturday, 28 November 2009


Thought it was time to reorganise my sewing room our study and so on Thursday night I started shunting around the furniture... I managed to push together our two Ikea book cases on their sides to make a NICE BIG SPACE FOR SEWING! Hurrah! Just need to get some shelves up and my noticeboard done (I bought all the bits ages ago to make a fabric noticeboard but have never actually bought the cork / MDF to put it all together), and also hang the tonnes of pictures we have never put up. Am pretty pleased with how it has turned out - lots more room to work! You can see on the cutting mat is a load of fabric I am going to use to make a quilt. I've never made a quilt, but I love the idea of something I can pick up and put down. And also making a quilt seems for the most part to involve sewing in straight lines - how hard can that be right?! (uh oh)...

I'm going to try and finish Polly tonight or tomorrow - and maybe start something new! Got this month's Burda and there is a cute, skirt and top I'm pretty keen to make up. As ever though - I'M SOOOOO SLLLOOOOWWW!

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