Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Over the bank holiday weekend I finally finished the Burda top I started here - I thought it very disciplined of me to finish it before moving on to the next project. Here are a few pics of it. I am generally happy with it, though I didn't bother making the button holes on the sleeves (just sewed on buttons as trimming) as I didn't need to be able to open and close the vents. Similarly I didn't bother with the tie side, just left it plain and sewed another button on there too. The finish on the neckline is a bit dull and I wish I had done something a bit more interesting or fun than the pattern directed - maybe just put the binding on so you could see it from the front too. I used french seams for all of the seams, after being inspired by the incredibly neat finish on all of Amanda's creations - I guess practice will eventually make somewhere closer to perfect for me..!

The fabric is a Rose & Hubble remnant I got from the most
amazing fabric shop - Shaukat - which is actually only ten minutes walk from me. I was down there at the weekend and got some amazing Liberty silk - more on that in another post! It is quite a sweet little top for the nicer weather we hope to be getting soon - in the picture I am wearing it with jeans post-work, but I actually wore it to the office today tucked in to a black skirt.

So I am starting to feel like I am a bit more in the sewing groove now, and ready to tackle a nice frock I think - especially given what happened when I went to Shaukat.....


  1. Cute top. And I think it's perfect on jeans!

  2. It is a really cute top! I went to Shahkut once. It had an impressive amount of liberty print fabric. It's a pretty far distance from me, so I haven't been back since.

  3. Very cute! I like the button detail on the sleeve.

  4. Wonderful top, I love the cute style and the fabric is really gorgeous. It's great that you're back into your sewing groove.

  5. Nice top, the fabric is so cute. I think seeing other bloggers sew gives me more motivation. Plus with Winter approaching here there's not much else to do really.


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