Monday, 19 April 2010

Who'da thought it?!

My new sewing machine came with, like, a zillion new feet. I have only experimented with about three of them so far, but - THESE LITTLE FEET DO ALL SORTS OF COOL STUFF! Rolled hem foot -BOOM - nice little neat rolled hem! I'm not absolutely certain I'm using it properly though - the instructions in the manual aren't the most clear... but it seems to produce an ok result... how do I know exactly how wide to finger-fold the hem??...

Tonight I have been using the 1/4" seam foot to help me sew some of the strips together for the quilt I'm making. This little baby has a little metal guide on it to make sure that the seam is actually 1/4" - so far proving to be much more accurate than my current magnetic seam guide thingy...

I am so keen to find something which divulges all the awesome ways I can use the special feet that came with my machine when I am making garments. The instruction book is informative but not very inspiring..!

Do any of you have any interesting techniques or finishes using different feet that you'd like to share with me??

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