Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fabric splurge


I won't even bother with the faux oh-how-did-I-manage-to-spend-so-much-on-yet-more-fabric apology. There was fabric shopping. The end.


This paint splattery lushness I got from MacCulloch & Wallis on Tuesday. It was pretty spenny... and probably not to everyone's taste, but I
thought so amazing! It is a cotton with something (cannot remember now due to excitement, but I did find out) woven on top, very slightly metallic. But isn't the print really Marc Jacobs or Matthew Williamson-esque?? I love it. It will make such a funky dress (or maybe summer coat - but not sure I'm brave enough to try a coat yet) - desperate to find the right pattern for it though. It has quite a bit of body (is that the right word?), I think because of the sort of two layer thing it has going on.
Any suggestions?

Then from Shaukat I got two pieces of Liberty silk - one funky peacock feather purple which I thought would make a nice sort of slinky but
not-too-clingy dress... Quite an unusual fabric I thought - but it felt amazing! I have never sewed with this type of silky silk before (as opposed to dupion type which I made Jackie from) so not sure how I will fare...

The second piece was a little more
conventional and I thought would make a nice tea dress - the print is actually quite small and in a pale blue - from a distance the fabric looks a lot lighter than in this close up shot. But how nice for Sunday tea or lunch with the in-laws, don'tchathink?

I need some pattern suggestions... I also picked up a load of cheap cotton for making toiles which the lady at MacCulloch & Wallis kindly sold me for 50p a metre as it was a bit dusty. So armed and dangerous! I acquired the Michael Kors Vogue 1117 which I am so keen to try but concerned it might be a bit advanced...?! The thought of cutting into this prime stash is pretty nerve racking... Though that's what all that cheap cotton is for, right??

Armed with fabric and certainly dangerous - roll on the next big sewing sesh!


  1. Awwwww I am so jealous you've had a fabric splurge! The fabric is just gorgeous, so colourful.

  2. I really like the peacock silk print. M&W is so nice but sooo expensive!

  3. You picked out the most amazing fabrics. I LOVE the first 2 especially. So jealous!

    I tried V1117. Yikes, it was scary. I couldn't finish it. If you try it, Allison C. had good tips on making ti.

  4. You are quite right not to apologize for buying that fabric. It's all gorgeous!


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