Thursday, 23 July 2009


So last week I finally gave in and bought an overlocker. The thought of super-quick and super-neat seams was getting to be too much of a temptation, and I had been mooching around on the interweb looking for reviews for a pretty cheap one that would still be of a good quality. I almost went for a Brother 1034D, but then read some good reviews about the Janome 9200D (how much of a geek do I sound) – I have generally heard that the build quality of Janome machines is excellent, and this model was only £199 at Peter Jones.

So after lugging it home on the tube I finally got it out if it's box and plugged in. Miraculously, it came already threaded (hooray) with white thread (I have therefore managed to put off threading it myself for a bit longer). So I watched the DVD and had a little play.... it is amazing! Everything is so neat! Oh the neatness! The rolled hem function is pretty cool too – will have to use that on something soon – and you don't need to change the needle plates or anything (not exactly sure what this would entail in any event – I fear a screwdriver would be involved – but all the reviews said much better not to have to do it). I have a feeling it does loads of stuff that I have no idea about – perhaps when I am really bored I will actually read the entire instruction manual. Pretty excited about being able to sew stretchy fabrics too – have bought some cotton jersey to practice with. Watch this space!

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