Thursday, 23 July 2009

Small clothes

There was obviously something in water around March / April this year, because it seems like almost everybody we know is about five months pregnant. Aside from being (not so) quietly smug about being able to booze, an upside of this means I have a legitimate excuse to make some baby clothes! I have over the years thought about making some for my doll Jemma, but that may be construed as a bit weird.. Thankfully at least two of the people I know who are pregnant will be giving birth to little girls which is excellent – the clothes for girls are so much more cute than for boys. So when I bought my overlocker last week, I also picked up a couple of patterns for baby clothes - Simplicity 3509 and New Look 6310. I started with the Simplicity pattern and made the dress up in the size for a six month old... what sort of scary-ass six month old I am not quite sure, as now it's finished it looks like it would almost fit me. OK, maybe that is an exaggeration, but it would certainly fit a four year old I think... You will see from the pics that I have utilised my overlocker for the first time (yay!) for finishing the seams and also attaching the lace trim at the bottom (that was a bit scary and best not to look to closely at the overlap). It is actually quite cool making small clothes as they take a lot less time than gorwn-up ones, and you get to use some fun fabrics. One thing I have realised though is that you really need to think about which fabrics, trims and fastenings you use. I used a standard invisible zipper at the back of this dress and made a little rouleaux loop at the back for a button at the top, but really the zipper pull is too spiky for a baby to be lying on top of in a cot. I think snaps are probably the best thing to use - easy to fasten on a small child and neat to look at. I need to order some of those nice pearlised ones I think. Also you really need to wash the fabric first (which I didn't do). I think this attempt I will keep as a prototype and maybe give the next attempt away.

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