Friday, 17 July 2009

Trimmings trimmings trimmings...

Yesterday on my way home from work (which was happily about six hours earlier than it has been over the past few days) I popped in to VV Rouleaux just off Sloane Square. Can't believe I haven't been in there before - it is amazing! Trim and trim and ribbons and pom-poms and feathers - oh the feathers... I am now desperately trying to think of something I can make which requires peacock feather trim. Think I might be setting my sights a little haute-couture-high... but a girl can dream. In the pic, which I took on the stairs leading from the ground floor to the basement, you can just about see the racks and racks of gorgeous ribbon and sparkles and frills and lace and... ok, I should stop now. I bought some purple velvet ribbon (purple is big this season - thinking of using it in my black velvet mini project), some gorgeous wide satin striped ribbon with lovely colours, and some cord. The cord has all the colours of a duvet cover and pillows I just got for our bedroom so thought I would make some scatter cushions. Annoyingly, I managed to pick the board which didn't have the little fabric edge for sewing it in like piping - and when I got home realised I'd basically come away with 5 metres of pretty rope. Damn it.

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