Monday, 20 July 2009

Things I Shall Never Wear #2 - mustard

I must prefix this post with apologies to the lady in the 'photo. I express no actual opinion whatsoever on your outfit choice.


On my way to work this morning (Monday - groan) I saw a girl wearing mustard colour opaque tights. I did the most stalker-y thing I've ever done and snapped her on my iphone from behind. I will not mention the fact that - as you can see - she is also wearing tartan. WTF? Anyway, I digress. Tartan in casualwear is a whole other post.

I realise that this colour was all the rage a few seasons ago. On catwalks. On supermodels who can make a bucket of sick look wearable. But oh my. It's rancid. I don't know why I dislike it so much. There are few colours that I can say I would never ever consider wearing. Mustard is the only one I can bring to mind just now. Obviously not a good choice for blondes, but even brunettes don't exactly set it alight. Yellow, fine. Mustard, not fine.

As an experiment, I went to net-a-porter and typed in 'mustard' in the search box. Seven things came back, two of which were lingerie with yellow bows. One of which was a Vera Wang skirt which I would class as more yellow-y. I think the lesson for mustard is not en masse.

Anyway, the only true 'mustard' item was a Bottega Venetta skirt. Check it out.

I rest my case.

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